Development of Online Software Implementation guides, CBT and WBT

At Focus EduVation, we design, develop, and manage highly technical, performance-based, Web-Based Training (WBT) and Computer-Based Training programs (SCORM and AICC) for clients. This includes healthcare, academic programs, complex application programs, and production training programs. We have created and developed technical training material, including student guides, instructor guides, user handbooks, operating procedures, and employee training courses. We provide a customized approach for developing modules. We include various design elements, interactivities, quizzes, and tests that enhance student learning and add value to a training program. We conduct an organizational/institutional learning needs assessment, which results in implementation of multi-tiered training and development programs.

We develop innovative and visually engaging online programs that help students, new hires, and instructors to better understand a subject. We provide coaching, quality monitoring, and feedback to team leaders and associates prior to implementation.

Our Team

Our team of instructional System Design Consultants analyze, develop, and manage objectives and task matrices for courses and training programs. They work closely with Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Instructors on WBT and CBT policies and procedures. They are responsible for creating an initial Training Needs Analysis, using ADDIE procedures. We perform needs assessment and implement streamlined training and procedures to Operations, resulting in up to a 60% reduction in training time for new hire training programs.

Our Approach

Our strategic approach and methodologies of execution is defined based on our experience and project complexities. We manage the entire project cycle -Business Needs Analysis, Budgeting, Consulting, Strategic Planning, Timeline Scheduling, Quality Assurance, & Resource Management. Our experience helps us to analyze and remediate highly complex projects. Our skilled team coordinates and provides valuable subjective insights for various topics.

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Development of Online Software Implementation guides, CBT and WBT