Creating Mobile/Tablet Applications

At Focus EduVation, we have the experience and capabilities to develop Mobile-based applications and convert Web applications to Mobile applications. Our services include:

  • Developing Mobile Web Applications
  • Converting Web Applications to Mobile Web Apps/Mobile Apps
  • Developing secured applications using mobile payment gateway
  • Developing rich UI applications
  • Developing tilt controls and other mobile controls suiting a mobile device

We have worked with several e-learning based applications (Games/ Modules/ Interactivities) created on Flash Lite and Java (J2ME).

  • At Focus EduVation, we identify handheld devices that are compatible with Flash and J2ME and provide suggestions
  • We also assist clients in recreating the source content based on any handheld device compatibility

We have worked on Mobile Applications that need to be installed using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). We also implement payment gateway suited to handheld devices or based on the client needs. We develop dynamic and static applications based on client requirements.

  • Static – Static mobile apps are downloadable apps that need to installed by the user when newer features are added
  • Dynamic – Dynamic apps are downloadable apps that are one-time uploaded and the changes are made to the web server, which is auto-implemented/ enhanced on the module/game.

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Creating Mobile/tablet applications